Differentiating Signs

How to differentiate Nova’s water tanks from other ones in the market?

Nova’s manufactures water tanks is different from other analogs not only with the shape, but also with the quality of the raw materials in it, which is easy to spot even for non-professional. Very often customer does not trust word of mouth and would like to prove the quality of product in practice. Nova’s water tanks can prove in practice that is it perfect for storing water and other types of food products.

If you decide to purchase Nova’s water tanks make sure that the seller know about its Mexican origin, also it should have following differentiating signs: 

  • 19 grains grape sign, Company’s logo, liter sign, HDPE and polyethylene and food standards’ signs, company’s identification code (202 358 126), the date of the start of manufacturing and ISO-9001 certificate signs are curved on containers: in blue color on white containers and vise versa.