About us

History The History of Nova started in 2006. In the beginning the company was importing, exporting and selling building materials. In 2011, Nova started manufacturing building materials and in 2014 Nova opened polyethylene water tanks manufacturing plant in Batumi.


Technology For manufacturing of polyethylene water tanks, we chose high quality Italian brand – Polivinil rotomolding machines. Polivinil, since 1969, is a pioneer in rotomolding production technology, not only in Europe but also outside of it. The technology helps saving resources, producing very high quality products and holds minimum space in the manufacturing plant.


Polyethylene, used for production, is eco-friendly raw material of Mexican origin. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is one of the most frequently used materials in plastic production. HDPE – is stronger than standard polyethylene, thus it is easier to regenerate it and can be used multiple times. Average density raw materials are perfect for rotational molding. Raw material is made of basic polyethylene PE-100 polymers. In order to reach desirable color, organic resin is added to the raw materials. Aforementioned resin is approved by the United States Food and Drag Administration 21CFR 177.1520 to use for storage of any type of food. Rotational molding distributes the layers evenly in the product. In addition, high quality materials’ unique characteristics provide desirable elasticity and density that makes the product affective in use and very durable. Production and Distribution In the beginning Nova started production of water tanks with single-layer and double-layers.


Later, with its advanced technology Nova can produce triple-layer and quadruple-layer water tanks by order. 100 – 5000 liters water tanks are produced in different forms: vertical, cylindrical, and prismatic. Single-layer white and blue and also double-layers blue water tanks are represented not only in Nova’s show rooms but also in every region of Georgia.



Polivinil manufacturing machines two main part are: Oven Certificates: “Polyethylene Containers for Drinking Water” certificate for satisfying standards. (Since December 2014) ISO-9001: 2008 certificate for management structure standards (since 2013).


Differentiating Signs:

19 grains grape sign, Company’s logo, liter sign, HDPE and polyethylene and food standards’ signs, company’s identification code (202 358 126), the date of the start of manufacturing and ISO-9001 certificate signs are curved on containers: in blue color on white containers and vise versa.



In 2014 Nova started exporting the production to Armenia, which is still continuing successfully.